1. Françoise Hardy by Sam Levin

    La Fille Avec Toi (1962)

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  2. Beautiful set w/ @timmotzer and Dejha Ti (at a.k.a. music)

  3. Priced some more used vinyl over the weekend. Smiths, Zeppelin, Stones, Beatles plus lots more!!! (at a.k.a. music)


  4. We’ll have tickets Friday!

  5. Mary just priced a nice used collection of classic rock, jazz, Brazilian, electronica, and more! #nuggets #vinyl #blacksabbath #oneohtrixpointnever #thinlizzy #raspberries (at a.k.a. music)


  6. Looking forward to another beautiful Gunn release this October! 

  7. Really cool performance happening on the 19th here at AKA. Philadelphia based artist Tim Motzer will be doing a special solo set with stellar projections by Dejha Ti. This will be in our back room starting at 6PM. Bring drinks, bring friends! We’ll have his latest release- Live From Stars End- among other titles for sale. 



  8. relapserecords:

    Are you aware that the epic new jam from Brooklyn blackened sludge outfit @mortalstheband ‘Cursed to See the Future’ is now streaming IN FULL at NoCleanSinging.com? Go there now and turn this mutha up loud! The album drops like a slab of concrete on July 8th - preorders available at relapse.com. #metal #sludge #brooklyn #newmusic #blackmetal #mortals #nowplaying @relapse_mailorder



  10. Dan Melchior Und Das Menace- Hunger (Castleface)

    Strange primordial unreleased material from Melchior. “…he’s taking the piss.”